Uh​-​Oh! (Debut) Mojo ★★★★

by Kitten Pyramid

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released April 28, 2014

Producer: Nick Brine. Engineer: Josh Tyrell. Recorded at Rockfield Studios, Monmouth.


all rights reserved



Kitten Pyramid Burton Upon Trent, UK

UK New Wave Prog band. Critically Acclaimed 'Uh-Oh!' album by Classic Rock 8/10, Mojo 4/5 with a mental health focus.

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Track Name: Chester

I want to see you naked in an open field
I want to see you naked in my caravan
Because it’s open plan

Battered Swan from down the chippy
Panda burgers from the Chinese
Elephant and scarecrow milkshakes
Concentrated bear spaghetti hoops
Crow Guacamole
Gorilla Fajita
Ostrich Frittata

I want to see you naked in an open field
Open Field
I want to see you naked in my caravan
Because it’s open plan
Open Plan

Same as it ever was, same as it ever was
Track Name: WHALE
You're something of a hard knock
A big part, of everything you see here
Broken like an old clock, you take stock
Breathing in your big beard

Your sister wears a long skirt, she eats dirt
Kicking up a big storm
No-one likes to bite first, it gets worse
It's time to get the big gun


You take her up to high fields in big wheels
She always was a soft touch
Sucking on the fireworks until they squirt
Breathing in the green dirt

Her daddy bought her first car in a jar
Pulled it up with short strings
You'd better see she's ok because you'll pay
For kicking up the green's green
Track Name: Red Shoes
Red Shoes

Queuing in the supermarket
Glowing like they're supersonic
One is red and the other is red

You can’t look down she’ll think you’re weird
You can’t look down because she’ll think that you’re strange

Your motorbike is here tonight
And you’re on your merry way
Your history is history
With lasers for her eyes, lasers for her eyes, lasers for her eyes

She’s filled her bags with nuts and cinnamon
Pedal bin liners and a hard backed Spike Milligan
One is red and the other is dead

Four leaf clovered, fame and pillaging
Rock stars leaping out of their planes

Their motorbikes are here tonight
They’re on their merry way
Their history is history
With lasers for their eyes, lasers for their eyes,
lasers for their eyes
Track Name: English Rosa
English Rosa

Saddle up
I’m leaving in the morning Rosa
And I’m leaving like I win

When did you call?
In the Morning?
Where did you call?
In the day?

A little bit like now
Track Name: Gliding

Funny in places
You’re the calm in my storm
Gaunt cheeky faces
Sucking blood from a stone

And it’s funny how it’s grown
From a mountain to a stone

Fingers in my pockets
Fingers in the sockets
You’re the brain of the day
I can feel you colliding
From jumping off and gliding
Into a storm
Track Name: Traffic

Mother, Father
Winter Sun
Open Windows
Winter Falls
Sister, Brother
Closing Doors
Move in Silent Empty Cars

Mother, Father
Morning Sun
Open Windows
Morning Calls
Sister, Brother
Open Doors
Move on Soldier
Go back Home

So go back Home
Track Name: Uh-Oh!

Upside down and all around
The roundabout of flowerland
That needs some rain

Shoulders meet the ears
Where umbrellas clam for fishes
When the wind grows vain

Oh Oh

Take me out for dinner first
I’m not that kind of guy
Have enough about me so I recognise the signs
Dodged another bullet where the rest have gone to seed
Celebrate my victory with a lovely cup of tea

Uh Oh
Track Name: Fire

You can count
On them being here
Bringing wine
Or just sympathy

All my furniture
Has gone up in flames

And I’d like
Everyone to stay
With me
Upstairs tonight

And I’ll buy us
All a Chinese

Just stay with me
Track Name: Marmalade

Ooh, say oi to Matt Salmonella
Ooh, and our Rob Frigerator
Ooh, and there’s no bigger melon than me-aah

Ooh, we’re off to swim with the fishes
Ooh, doughnut in car parks and pitches
Ooh, carving kitten dolls made in Kowloon-aah

Kitten Pyramid hand grenades
Kitten Pyramid marmalade
Kitten Pyramid drool

Oooh, there goes the pyramid army
Oooh, with their bags of peshwari
Oooh, and they’re waiting for us by the bins-aah

Oooh, we’re all a bunch of trash humpers
Oooh, with our ladybird jumpers
Oooh, three hundred sixty degree of a Barney

Kitten Pyramid hand grenades
Kitten Pyramid marmalade
Kitten Pyramid drool
Track Name: Nod off
Nod Off

Before you knew it you were somewhere else instead
Across to China in an Umpa Lumpa’s bed
And when you landed all the women cheered your name
They gave you kisses till the peacock soldiers came

They chased our lion while the whale switched off the stars
They chased our elephants pre-occupied with cars
They left their houses on the sea to sink in sand
Until they woke up to a reassuring sound

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